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The concept of “security” undergoes a continuous transformation in syn with the global changes. Within the conventional security framework, security problems of states notably focused on military threats, however, the deepening and widening of scope of “security” has evolved after the Cold War era. While security problems of the past era still preserve their existence, new threats and problems have been constantly emerging. In this context, many new subjects such as “Environmental Security, Climate Change, Organized Crime, Asymmetric Threats, Civil Wars, Terrorism, Cyber War, International Migration, and Human Security” have been widely tackled in the security field.

The changes in Security Studies are not limited to the subject matters; actors have shown an alteration as well, and some new actors have now taken part at the core of the Security Studies. Apart from the states; some new actors, for instance, international organizations, individuals, private military companies, and terrorist organizations have become to more of an issue in the security realm where states used to dominate.

Considering those new changes, it is beyond any doubt that the need for producing academic works on International Security is getting increased in every single day. In order to satisfy the need, an international congress that will bring together experts from all around the world to discuss the issue of international security from the theory, method and practice aspects, will be held by Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy, on 19-20 September 2019.

Please click here for the international security congress congress program.

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